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Has Anyone Seen My Toes?

During the pandemic, an aging screenwriter is holed up in a coastal South Carolina town with his beloved second wife, Peaches. He’s been binge-eating for a year and developed a notable rapport with the local fast-food chain Hippo King. He struggles to work—on a ludicrous screenplay about a Nazi attempt to kidnap FDR and, naturally, an article for Etymology Today on English words of Carthaginian origin. He’s told Peaches so often about the origins of the world mayonnaise that she’s developed an aversion to using the condiment. He thinks he has Covid. His wife thinks he is losing his mind. In short, your typical pandemic worries. Things were going from bad to worse even before his doctor suggested a battery of brain tests. He knows what that means: dementia!


But even in these scary times, there are plenty of things to distract him. His iPhone is fat-shaming him. He’s been trying to read Proust and thinks the French novelist missed his true calling as a parfumier. And he’s discovered nefarious Russian influence on the local coroner’s race. Why is Putin so keen to control who decides who died peacefully and who by foul play in Pimento County? Could it be the local military base?


Has Anyone Seen My Toes? is a hilarious romp through a time that has been anything but funny.


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"This is Buckley at his comic, mischievous best."

“In Has Anyone Seen My Toes?, Buckley has captured the zeitgeist of the pandemic in his own hysterical way. In so doing, he gives readers the chance to cleanse themselves of COVID cobwebs and another excuse to laugh….Buckley's sure hand keeps the reader entertained along the way….many turns of a phrase, clever and wonderfully sarcastic wording and plenty out-and-out funny lines.”

"Has Anyone Seen My Toes? is Buckley at his madcap best, deserving of a place on your bookshelf right next to P. G. Wodehouse. Buckley, of course, would laugh at that notion, but self-effacement is very much part of his charm."

"This is one of Buckley’s funniest books—there's a big laugh on nearly every page, often more than one—and, perhaps unexpectedly, it's also one of his most compassionate. A delight, with bite."

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